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A Call To Turn A Deaf Ear!

A call to turn a deaf ear.


In the wake of the horrific tragedy that occurred in Connecticut many are angry and hurt and looking for a call to arms. But in this time of pain what we need is a call to silence.

The Westboro Baptist Church has made it known that they plan to picket the funerals of the people, including the children killed in this terrible event.

Their leader Fred Phelps has even gone too far as to thank god for the shooter. In the light of this many, nay most of you will be outraged and want to do something. But these people feed on your anger, they feed like parasites on your pain, and your hurt, and most importantly your attention.

So instead of counter protests, instead of shouting and fights and lowering ourselves to their level I’m asking for something much harder, but in the end much more effective.

Ignore them, but not just you, please take the time to write your local news affiliates as well as the national and international news stations covering this story. Ask them to ignore the WBC, do not give them what they want do not feed their attention seeking egos.

I am calling for a media blackout of the WBC during this crisis and I’m asking for your help to make it happen. We can cry, and we can argue guns laws and politics in the wake of this all, or we can rise up and do something useful.

Sometimes I wonder does my ass need to be this big…..

Then I catch a glimpse of my rl ass in a mirror at work and realize yes…yes it does. SL, RL I got booty I just have to accept that fact.

So I’ve been super MIA, end of the semester type stuff life gets busy, stressful, busy, did I mention busy?

Also there might be a slight harvest moon for Nintendo ds addiction *twitches*

It’s not my fault! See I decided to marry Muffy the hot  high maintenance blonde, but damn she’s a high maintenance bish! She wants jewelry or wine or apple pie every day…everyday!

And the stupid game won’t let me make pie it always comes out as cake….fucker.

So yes back to Sl I’m once again Sl homeless been chillen at a sandbox taking pics hanging out, trying to find new and interesting this to do in Sl.

Now as I have been in SL for almost 6 years that’s some thing difficult to do, so Well I challenge you people to come up with fun things for me to do.

Comment on this post drop me a message invite me to stuff and I’ll dress cute and show up then blog about it.

Ha! see I just killed two birds with one stone, how to be less antisocial and how to blog more. I r genius!!!!

Hair:!lamb. Mess – Grayscale Pack

Shirt:Zaara : Zayba cross top *sorbet*

Shorts:DCNY_Cuffed Shorts_Orchid [BOXED]

Shoes:PM-Baby T’s

Most Epic Day Ever AKA I Met Neil Gaiman!

So anyone who knows me knows that I am a big reader(read obsessive compulsive insane forgets to eat or drink or do anything else when in reading mode) ahem anywho one of my favorite authors is Neil Gaiman.

Way back in 03/04 a very good friend sent me a box of books, including Neverwhere and American Gods.

Neverwhere was the first book out of the box i read, and the first Neil Gaiman Novel I ever read…and it was obsession at first chapter.

No author I’ve ever read invites you so blatantly into the world he’s created, or turned a phrase so beautifully. I despise authors who put up a glass wall between you and their world, which is why i dislike Stephen king I want to immerse myself in a story lose myself touch and taste everything, the look but don’t touch approach doesn’t work for me.

So last night I attended a reading at symphony space in New york, part of their selected shorts series. It was a wonderous event.

I got into the city early as I was coming on the train from South Jersey, so I walked the 12 blocks from the venue to Barnes and Noble.

Where I got a Kate Spade Nook cover 75% off. already the beginnings of an epic day, on the way to and from Barnes and Noble people kept stopping me to compliment my outfit, NYC is seriously good for my self-esteem!

Once back I grabbed a sandwich and iced coffee from Starbucks and sat outside the venue to eat and wait, where I met several other Neil Fans and we discussed all of his works and Dr. Who and even fuchsia lipstick of which I was wearing :P.

It was so amazing to sit and meet people who are as passionate about reading as you are, something which I find hard to do. I know a lot of people who like to read, but not love it passionately in a soul consuming all encompassing sort of way.

The event itself was amazing four stories were read two by Neil and 2 by 2 other authors, The ones of Neil’s were two of my absolute favorites of his and I adored the one about the girl dating a writer who lost herself as he wrote her into characters it was absolutely brilliant.

At intermission they announced Neil was going to do a signing, I just about died, I had been twittering him the night before trying to find out if he was going to do one.

You see I have had a plan, for ages now to get the Niel Gaiman quote, “Dream Dangerously”, on my inner left wrist, but i can’t just get it tattooed no I want it in Neil’s own handwriting!

Waiting in line I met more amazing people and one very nice lady there with a friend got a book signed for me since there was a two item limit.

I got my boss a copy of Blueberry Girl and she had it signed for me so I could get my copy of neverwhere and a slip of paper for my tattoo signed.

When I told him the paper was for my tattoo he pulled out his good pen and made it all nice, I totally wanted to steal his pen I have such a thing for pens(if you have a really nice pen watch out I am a notorious pen thief)

Someone from the venue took a photo for me with my phone and I still cannot stop smiling.

Also I found out from my friend who was talking up girls in the lobby where the signing was that people thought I looked like a pin-up model!!!

Tonight I did a Photo cover for they 8 in 8 album of which Amanda palmer and Neil Gaiman are part of so that and pic of me and the man himself below!


Eggplant….sorry no recipies here i’ve never eaten it…

Also i dislike the word eggplant I really love what the brits call it aubergine, so so much nicer don’t ya think?

…ok I just forgot what I was going to write..why because I’m pissed off.

I admit it I’m a real housewives addict and I’m watching this weeks NYC episode.

seriously sonya seriously?! it’s not your fucking day it’s an event to raise awareness about marriage equality for gays and lesbians,

just because they asked you to be the grand Marshall doesn’t mean the day is ALL about YOU. And demanding as part of your contract that you be the only one of the group to speak in order to be there is a bitch move on your part seriously. Alex and her husband are on the organizing committee and because you are an attention whore you demanded he not be able to speak, seriously cunty mccunterson of you.

A march about gay marriage is not all about you a STRAIGHT woman.

..people suck severely. ok rant over, time for ice cream.

So anyway I’ve had these pieces in my wardrobe for ages but never knew what to do with them, so this colour was super fun and the look is very 70’s I kinda dig it.


Shirt::::Sn@tch wild child top in eggplant

Pants: The sea hole sequin jeans in eggplant

Hair:Truth Ri RI

necklace: Jane floret tie: PR eggplant.

MMmmm Banana Cream Pie………

So instead of getting even angrier at fucktarded teabaggers, I’m gonna post my banana creamy look. it’s nommy and like buttercups in spring.

I love this outfit it’s flowy and romantic, I’m not usually a fan of yellow I own very little but i adore this shade of yellow. It makes me happy and warm and calm

and I really love the lavender accent stitching.

Dress: Jane lucidity Dress Cream

Hair: Truth -MAriposa Raven

Motivation I lack it….

I’ve been super unmotivated and in a slump lately hence the unscheduled hiatus.

I just couldn’t deal with all the beige I dress how I feel and when I’m already feeling meh wearing beige makes it worse.

So I’m loving the sky blue, a pretty light colour. I still feel super unmotivated and a bit depressed but hey it got me online long enough to take a pic and post.

Side note I dyed my hair jet black today irl, so my saucy redhead now has raven tresses, I tend to copy my rl self onto my avie as much as possible.

If I get a little wacky and go for weeks without posting I’m super sorry, this is just a super stressful time for me and the way I deal with stress is to become super antisocial.

Eventually someone kicks my ass enough to draw me out of myself till then I’ll try to be here.

Outfit: BlackLace: Winter wonderland

Shoes: Maitreya Moxie Snow

Hair- Truth RiRI Raven

Skin- GLam Affair- Mary Ice


Look I’m Sweet Tart!

Much to Bubbles annoyance I had the look for Electric lime of the 52 weeks of color challenge done…well the night the new color was announced :P.

Ok Look together, super cute check!….but how to style the photo..I mean it’s lime I should all super healthy like, I know I’ll do some yoga!!

Yus Yoga on a Lime dressed as a lime this is super healthy and super cute….

So being the slight narcissist I am I decided to take a new profile pic I mean who could pass up on this cuteness!

yay me!……OK so all week Second life has been evil and not letting me rezz and be cute..it was bad..so now I’m a little bit obsessed with staring at my fully rezzed adorablness!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Betty –  reds


Shirt:x_LiF tank lovekills lime

Shorts:AMERIE – Hotpants_Green

suspenders:AMERIE –  Suspenders_Heart

socks:!RT – heart break socks

shoes:UBU RetroStars Rain Boots

Jewelry:*BOOM* Bangled Mess Lipstick/{Violet Voltaire} Lollipop Guild Set – Rainbow

Make-up:*boom* hard candy Pink sugar,* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Taste the Rainbow Nails

I’m more than a little frightened there was a bratz movie

I feel like my soul is trying to leap out of my Skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the day started normal enough I’m a little under the weather so didn’t go to class, ate soup drank ginger ale.

Decided I was going to do a little post about my new skybox, my own little sanctuary in SL, a place to just escape, relax, and all that jazz.

Then, I was reading twitter and Neil Gaiman posted a link to buy tickets to a reading he is doing in April in NYC….and I figured what the hell.

I always bemoan the fact that I never get to do anything or see anyone I want to in person, too many things in the way, cost time,distance.

Well frack it I’m going, carpe diem and all that if I want things to happen I need to make them happen.

So I bought two tickets, my friend Paolo is gonna go with me, I’m gonna miss Paolo when I move back to texas, I don’t see hm often because he lives an hour away but he’s a really good friend and fun to hang out with. We met here in Second life.

So I shall be seeing Niel Gaiman live in person on april 27th in New york seeing and it feels as if my inner cat is prowling inside me in excitement, rubbing against my  conciousness and not letting me calm down from happiness.

I tried to put together an outfit that expressed what I’m feeling but felt strangled and over clothed in everything I tried, so I went to my favorite tattoo store and picked something up.

And because this was originally meant to be a blog about my new place here are some pics I took!

^ Living room(insert down arrow here) bedroom


Hair:^;^CaTwA^;^ Maryam HairStyle/Dark Reds

Tattoo:Tattoo Rage of Bastet_GoK  (Garden of Ku)

Early spring?

It’s been blissfully warm here the last few days…if you consider the high 40’s low 50’s warm…..which after the winter we’ve had I do.

We’re supposed to get snow and sleet next weekend but for now I’m just ignoring that and enjoying the warm sunshiny days and warm clear skied nights

I love warm spring/summer nights, where there is a cool breeze but it’s still nice and warm not so hot your uncomfortable where you just want to sit and look at the stars all night.

I rented a small plot of sky yesterday maybe I’ll build a garden on my rooftop, pictures to come the inside is already decorated.

Without further ado, here is me sitting on a fence enjoying not being frozen solid for the first time in months.

Hair with hat:^;^CaTwA^;^ Maryam Hat HairStyle/Dark Reds


Shirt:.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Top :: JELLY POP :: Teal

Skirt:* [CALYPSO GIANO] Denim Skirt – ROCK – F1

Bracelet:LBB Sugar Skull bracelet

Necklace:[ glow ] studio – Etno Collar with blue feather

earrings:La Malvada Mujer – Sugar Forest